NYT Sunday Puzzle – August 4, 2013

NYT Sunday Puzzle - August 4, 2013

Title: Should I Call the Repairman?

Theme: Clues are the beginnings of sentences about common objects followed by ellipses. Answers finish the sentences with puns describing how the objects are broken.

27A. The jigsaw… keeps cutting out.
40A. The elevator… just went down.
53A. The mosquito zapper… has still got bugs.
77A. The quiz-grading machine… failed some tests.
89A. The crosswalk signal… is on the blink.
104A. The film-processing machine at the studio… developed a short.

A cute puzzle! I didn’t have too hard a time with it. The only theme answer that gave me a bit of trouble was 40A. I got “went down” but had trouble getting “just” because of two spelling mistakes. For 33-Down, I knew the answer was “Dubois” (W.E.B.) but had an “e” instead of a “u.” But much more dumb was spelling “fjiord” wrong (32-Down) – an “i” instead of “j.” Once I corrected those mistakes, “just” fell into place.

There were quite a few interesting answers:

3D. Place to find a date. My first thought was the social date. I toyed with writing in “Matchdotcom,” which would have fit. Then as I filled in some letters, I switched to thinking of the food dates, especially since the word “store” seemed to be the second half of the word. However, I couldn’t think of what the first part of the word might be. Finally, I realized that it was date as in a time factor, so it wasn’t “store” but “stone” and I quickly filled in the first half. Answer: Cornerstone.

14A. Military cap. Answer: Kepi. I first saw this word in a French article I read many years ago about the Dreyfus Affair and the trial of Emile Zola.

68A. Glands on top of the kidneys. Answer: Adrenals. It took getting a few letters before it came to me.

75A. Muslim headdress. Answer: Taj. Fits the “learn something new every day” category.

6D. High Muslim honorific. Answer. Aga Kahn. I thought this was the name of a specific person. Guess not.

16D. Paddington Bear’s country of origin. Answer: Peru. Another new bit of info for me.

78D. Car make whose name sounds like a Cockney greeting. Answer: Audi. Maybe a Cockney cowboy….

90D. Pride of St. Louis. Answer: The Rams. Really?!! I was set to write in The Arch. Unfortunately, “Stan the Man”(Musial) wouldn’t fit.

110D. Fig. near an m.p.g. rating. Answer: MSRP. I had no idea what the answer’s initials stood for. A commenter on Rex Parker’s site had the answer: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.


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