NYT Thursday Puzzles – August 15, September 19 and 26, 2013

NYT Thursday Puzzle - September 26, 2013

The clue to the theme is provided by 41-Across: Instrument that hints at missing parts of certain answers to this puzzle. Answer: Clock.

In order for border answers to be complete, each must be preceded by a number on the clock face, 1-12 in order around the grid starting with the upper right section.

10A. 50% = (1) Half
13D. Acid-burned Bat-villain = (2) Face
38D. Like some circuses = (3) Ring
63D. Like barbershop harmony = (4) Part
72A. Fin = (5) Spot
71A. Like a die = (6) Sided
70A. Sailors’ domain = (7) Seas
58D. Length of a Beetles “week” = (8) Days
26D. Popular women’s shoe seller = (9) West
1D. Annual Car and Driver list = (1) Best
1A. It has a red stripe in pool = (11) Ball
5A. A gross = (12) Dozen

NYT Thursday Puzzle - September 19, 2013

The clue to the theme is provided by 58-Across: Like M&M’s … or four words to describe 17-, 24-, 35-, and 50-Across. Answer: Candy Coated = C and Y coated.

So, the four other answers are familiar phrases with “C” affixed to the beginning and “Y” tacked at the end making the phrases wacky to match the clues.

17A. Ability to survive freezing temperatures? = C[old Master]y
24A. Selected a certain fabric softener? = C[hose Down]y
35A. Sprite who helps find a shopping vehicle? = C[art fair]y
50A. Super-choosy about timepieces? = C[lock pick]y

NYT Thursday Puzzle - August 15, 2013

Theme: The first word(s) of the theme answers are homophones of the letters(s) circled in the last word of the theme answers.

19A: Sea of Cortez (“C” is circled.)
22A. Eye of the tiger (“I” is circled.)
42A. Bee in one’s bonnet (“B” is circled.)
47A. See you in court (“C” and “U” are circled.)


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