NYT Sunday Puzzles – August 11 and 18, September 8, 2013

NYT Sunday Puzzle - September 8, 2013

Title: Bumper Cars

Theme: Answers are a string of automobile names.

23A. Search for a cradle-robbing woman in New York City? = Park Avenue Cougar Quest
37A. High-handed ambassador stationed off the Italian coast? = Cavalier Capri Diplomat
55A. Peace treaty between a predator and its prey? = Bobcat Rabbit Accord
67A. Tom Brady, in the 2002 Super Bowl? = Intrepid Ram Challenger
78A. Musical piece for a “Star Wars” battle scene? = Storm Trooper Sonata
98A. Advocate for pro-am tournaments? = Celebrity Golf Defender
116A. Diminutive Aborigine? = Midget Outback Explorer

NYT Sunday Puzzle - August 18, 2013

Title: Edginess

69-Across provides a clue to the theme of this puzzle: Gray areas, maybe…or a hint to 12 incomplete answers in this puzzle. Answer: Borderlines

Every word around the edge/border of the grid must be followed by LINE in order to make sense.

1A. It may come down in a storm = Telephone
10A. Divider in a musical score = Bar
13A. Hang-out locale? = Clothes
19D. Hobby activity = Side
42D. Court stripe = Free throw
100D. Bottom of a contract = Dotted
125A. Means of one-to-one communication = Dedicated
124A. Draw a mark through for cancellation = Red
123A. Supermarket time saver = Express
107D. Locale for finished works that haven’t yet appeared = Pipe
50D. Quarterback protectors = Offensive
1D. Movie theater sight = Ticket

NYT Sunday Puzzle - August 11, 2013

Title: Added Satisfaction

Theme: Adding “Ah” to familiar phrases makes them wacky re: the clues.

26A. Where most things rank in importance to a Muslim? = After All[ah]
42A. Webster’s directive to the overly formal? = Just say No[ah]
62A. Equipment list for a hashish-smoking fisherman? = Hook[ah], line, and sinker
86A. Departed from Manama, maybe? = Left B[ah]rain
102A. Niece’s polite interruption?= Auntie [ah]Em
25D. Welcome look from a Bedouin? = S[ah]ara Smile
52D. What many Bay Area skiers do on winter weekends? = Head to T[ah]oe


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