NYT Sunday Puzzle – October 6, 2013

NYT Sunday Puzzle - October 6, 2013

Title: Toe Tags

Theme answers end with the sound “toe,” thereby changing common expressions into silly ones. Interesting that only one of the answers ends with the word “toe.”

23A. Magic word that never loses its power? = Permanent Presto
28A. 1970s Ford on the move? = Rolling Pinto
39A. Enthusiastic enjoyment of one’s unhappiness? = Gloomy Gusto
41A. The Josip Broz Memorial Trophy? = Cup of Tito
58A. Stingy snack vendor’s special offer? = Buy one get one Frito
75A. Big Apple cop who’s looking to bust Popeye? = NYPD Bluto
77A. Learn all about the capital of Ecuador? = Master Quito
88A. Portion of Dante’s “Inferno” that was wisely excised? = Garbage Canto
96A. Christmas decoration that automatically steers towards lovers? = Guided Mistletoe


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