At NoMad, White Truffles and My Very First Video

White Truffles

It’s white truffle season. Most restaurants that offer them do so at exceedingly high prices. However, at NoMad, for this entire season, they are being offered at cost. On the website, the listing is as follows: a reasonable portion 4 grams @$32; a ridiculous portion 8 grams @$64. This will, of course, fluctuate.* At lunch and dinner, they are being shaved over risotto or tagliatelle with butter and parmesan, $25 for each. At brunch, I believe they can be shaved over eggs.

The day after my birthday dinner at EMP, we had lunch at NoMad. Definitely a great way to extend the celebration since we are, of course, treated as “family” there as well.

Before arriving, we decided we’d order the risotto and the tagliatelle as our main course and share them. And we’d have “the ridiculous” on both!

Like EMP, NoMad has the Coravin system. So, Michael chose to have one glass of a very fine Barbaresco, which would be a perfect match for Alba white truffles.



I asked if they had the French Sparkling Cider served at EMP. They did not; instead, our sommelier had the bartender whip up a special virgin cocktail. I didn’t make a note of its composition, but I liked it a lot.

Virgin Cocktail

We began by choosing one item from the “Snack” section, Sweetbreads Croustillant with Parsley.


However, the kitchen surprised us by gifting us with not one but two more snacks: Radishes Butter Dipped with Fleur de Sel and Crudité of Raw Vegetables with Chive Cream.



The Flatbread with Grapes, Cheese, and Rosemary was, like all the NoMad’s seasonally changing flatbreads, hot, crusty, and seriously delicious.


For the first course, we each ordered a salad. For Michael, Brussels Sprouts with Hazelnuts, Apples, and Bacon; for me, Lettuces with Almonds, Cucumber, and Radishes.

Brussels Sprouts Salad


I must say that mine was a great example of how a simple salad can be superb! Pristine greens and crunchy accompaniments perfectly dressed with a lovely vinaigrette. Brussels sprouts are one of Michael’s favorite vegetables, so he was equally pleased with his salad.

When it was time for the main course, Dining Room Manager Brandon Lateveer was the bearer of the white truffle. The risotto was in front of me. As Brandon shaved the truffles into the bowl, the intoxicating aroma wafted around us.

Risotto and White Truffles

Michael and I were seated side-by-side, so Brandon moved to the other side of the table in order to shave “the ridiculous” over the tagliatelle in front of Michael. As Brandon started, it occurred to me that this would make a really good video. I’d never attempted a video before, but I pushed the button and let ‘er rip! I even added a touch of narrative. When I loaded the video into my laptop, I was thrilled to find that it had turned out quite well. See for yourself…. (For anyone using a device that does not support this video, click below for the entire photo set on my Flickr.)

For dessert, we kept it simple by sharing a trio of ice creams.

The white truffle season still has a way to go. No doubt before it ends, we’ll be back at NoMad for more truffleliciousness.

*Note: Prices for the white truffles the day we were there: $36 for 4 grams; $72 for 8 grams.

To see the entire photo set of this lunch, click here.


2 Responses to “At NoMad, White Truffles and My Very First Video”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Wow!! Not only are your pictures always amazing, now video!! I thought I was watching a Mark Bittman video on NY Times!!! Those truffles look insane! SO happy to hear you had a fabulous birthday weekend!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    All my best as always!!


  2. thewizardofroz Says:

    Eileen, You are too much! Your compliment has made my day! 🙂

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