NYT Sunday Puzzle – December 29, 2013

NYT Sunday Puzzle - December 29, 2013

Title: Take a Break

Theme: The grid represents a pool table with the word “pocket” in the appropriate places, i.e., each of the corners and in the middle of both sides. The circles are configured like racked ball and when filled spell “pool balls.”

1A. One at a woman’s side?/1D. Presidential power first used by James Madison = (pocket)book/veto
11A. Person who might bump into you on a subway/15D. Miniature = pick(pocket)/size
62A. Item on a chain/62D. Well protected nonrunning quarterback = (pocket) watch/passer
68A. Like some expenses/71D. Silver, say = out of (pocket)/change
106D. Microwaveable item/123A. Best hand in Texas home ‘em = Hot (pocket)/aces
123A. Having a ton of money to draw on/114D. Cause of a sudden drop in altitude = deep/air (pocket)

Oy! I actually completely missed an important part of the theme: the longer across answers end in terms related to pool. Thanks, Rex Parker, for clueing me in!

23A. Spoken instruction in animal training = Verbal cue
35A. Bit of hopscotch equipment = Sidewalk chalk
51A. Philadelphia/New Jersey connector = Walt Whitman Bridge
77A. It’s often divided into sections 0, 2, 4, 6, etc. = Dress rack
107A. Sincere = Heartfelt

I’ve never played pool, but I think this is a really neat puzzle

This is the final Sunday puzzle for 2013. Since I also finished the final Thursday puzzle correctly, it’s really nice to end the year on a high note.


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