First Snowstorm of 2014

First Snowstorm of 2014

We lucked out last winter. Between January and the arrival of spring, there was no snow. Period. 2014 is just three days old. Any hopes that we’d be that fortunate this year were quickly dashed with the arrival of a relatively major snowstorm which began late yesterday afternoon and lasted until early this morning, dumping 10 inches of powdery snow in our area. (The prediction had been for between 5 and 8.)

First Snowstorm of 2014

There were a few snowfalls at the end of last year, but they didn’t amount to much. This time, however, we were in need of plowing. Todd, who cuts our lawn during the summer, did the job with the plow attached to his truck. Michael then spent a few minutes neatening things up.

First Snowstorm of 2014

Along with the snow have come frigid temperatures. Two weeks ago, it was nearly 70 degrees! Now, it’s in the teens with wind chills around 0 (though, happily, the wind has died down).

First Snowstorm of 2014

First Snowstorm of 2014

Looking at the forecast, I see 1 and -1 for overnight tonight! It will then warm up for a couple of days before plunging back down.

First Snowstorm of 2014

First Snowstorm of 2014

This is the kind of herky-jerkey temperature changes we’ve been having the past few months. It will be interesting the see if this pattern continues.


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