NYT Sunday Puzzle – January 12, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - January 12, 2014

Title: Only “A” Game

Theme: “A” is the only vowel in all the theme answers and their clues.

I figured out the theme fairly quickly. Quite straightforward, i.e., nothing tricky. Having “A” as the only vowel in the clues was, I think, a very clever gambit. Some of the theme answers were easy for me; others I got by filling in the surrounding answers. For completing this puzzle without any errors, I’m giving myself an “A”!

22A. Grand-slam drama that stars Bacall’s man = Casablanca
24A. Half an Xmas “Halls” chant – Fa La La La La
38A. Astral saga that has a Darth part = “Star Wars”
63A. Fab “backward-gram” a la “Sam, aha! Bahamas!” = A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.
87A. Black cat that packs grass and chants “Jah” = Rastaman
106A. Landmark vassal law act = Magna Carta
108A. Warm mask/cap amalgrams = Balaclavas
4D. “M*A*S*H” star = Alan Alda
28D. Haphazard = Catch as catch can
36D. Gala that saw “Black Swan,” “Avatar,” and “A Fab” attract claps = BAFTA Awards
37D. Bar glass that’s half Bass, half dark malt = Black and Tan
38D. Lama’s art that can’t last = Sand Mandala
39D. “Shazam!” = Abracadabra!
81D. Flashbacks and halfbacks = Anagrams


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