Déjà Vu….

January 2014 Snowstorm No. 2

Yes, you have seen a photo similar to this one very recently. Yes, another snowstorm — and 2014 isn’t quite three weeks old! This time, there was quite a bit more snow. We’re in Western Monmouth County. According to the weather people on NJ12, our area of New Jersey got hit the hardest. Manalapan, the town adjacent to ours, topped the snow accumulation charts for the state at 15.9″. What a thrill! Not!

The woods behind our house always look lovely after it snows.

2014 Snowstorm No. 2

In the photos below, you can see the many trees that were damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

2014 Snowstorm No. 2

Todd plowed our driveway during the night. Today, it was sunny and bright with lots of white…

2014 Snowstorm No. 2

…and Arctic! These are today’s daytime wind chill temperatures.

2014 Snowstorm No. 2

Definitely NOT “Rozy Weather”!


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