Saturday Supper: Leftovers from Dinner at NoMad

On Friday evening, we had dinner at NoMad which, as you may know, is EMP’s more casual sister restaurant. Towards the end of 2013, there were some major changes at both with regard to the kitchen staff. Abram Bissell, NoMad’s chef de cuisine, announced he was leaving. (Next month, he will become executive chef at The Modern, replacing Gabriel Kreuther.) To replace Abram, Chef Daniel Humm appointed EMP’s Chef de Cuisine James Kent, promoting him to the position of executive chef. And Humm chose Chris Flint, a sous chef at NoMad since it opened nearly two years ago and previously a sous at EMP, to become EMP’s chef de cuisine.

It should come as no surprise that the treatment we receive at NoMad is, like at EMP, of the royalty variety. Suffice it to say then that James went all out for us. The expression “killing us with kindness” would be an apt description. And what a way to go!

We ordered a snack to share, and each chose an appetizer and a main course. James sent out not one but TWO extra courses! Now, bear in mind that portions at NoMad are quite sizable. Even that “snack” was anything but tiny. (We had to laugh when James commented to us that he’d been dealing with the tasting portions at EMP so long — some just one or two bites — that the portions at NoMad seem enormous to him.) Thus, by the time we got to the main courses – beef for Michael and duck for me — we were pretty close to being full.  Also, we had eaten most of the fabulous flatbread that came to the table before the appetizers were served. But they shocked us by bringing us a whole fresh one just before the main courses arrived. Oy! We couldn’t possibly…. We had already decided we were going to eat only some of our mains and take the rest home. So, we left the bread whole and asked them to wrap it as well.  As you can see from this photo, they were happy to do it. Made with sweet potato, rosemary, and thyme, it heated up beautifully and lost nothing in deliciousness.

At Home: NoMad's Flatbread

To start, I rustled up a pot of onion soup.  After ladling the soup into bowls, I topped it with toasted bread, a sprinkling of Parmesan and slices of Gruyère, and ran it under the broiler.

At Home:  Onion Soup

Michael had left one large piece of beef, which I sliced in two, plus some sweet potatoes and greens.

At Home:  Leftovers from NoMad

I had two pieces of duck but not enough of my sides to make a decent portion. So, I made wild rice with onions, mushrooms, and pecans and added some spinach leftover from vegetarian lasagna I’d made earlier in the week.

At Home:  Leftover Duck from NoMad

Click here to see the photo set of our dinner at NoMad on my Flickr.


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