Fed Up!!

2014 Snowstorm No. 4 (5)

Technically, this is storm number 5 for the general area! However, we got lucky with the Tuesday, February 4th storm as we were just far enough south to get rain instead of snow. So, this is storm number 4 for us. Cold comfort!

It started during the night. In the morning, it was snowing quite heavily. We estimated that the accumulation added to the several inches already on the patio table’s “wedding cake” to be about 4 or 5 inches. As the snow tapered off a bit, the township plow came down the street, and Todd arrived to clear our driveway.

2014 Snowstorm No. 4 (5)

As temperatures rose above freezing, snow turned first to sleet and then to rain. For a short time, there was a lull with no precipitation.

2014 Snowstorm No. 4 (5)

2014 Snowstorm No. 4 (5)

We got mail!

2014 Snowstorm No. 4 (5)

Michael did a bit of tidying up on the driveway, but the bottom section was too icy. Later in the afternoon, it softened up, and Todd came back to clear it off.

2014 Snowstorm No. 4 (5)

The second wave of this storm is supposed to arrive late tonight. With temperatures plummeting, that means more snow probably until early in the morning.

2014 Snowstorm No. 4 (5)

The 7-Day forecast is showing a warming trend toward the end of next week…

2014 Snowstorm No. 4 (5)

BUT before that, MORE SNOW is predicted for Saturday!


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