Saturday Supper: Cookbook Recipes

The two dishes for this meal are ones that I make fairly often. The recipes come from two cookbooks I’ve owned for many years.

Curried Cream of Cauliflower and Apple Soup is from Cooking with Daniel Boulud, published in 1993 (Preface by Pierre Franey). The book came out at the time his eponymous restaurant opened. It was located in the space now occupied by Café Boulud. Michael and I had a phenomenal dinner at Restaurant Daniel in its original space.   It being his new — and only — baby, Chef Boulud helmed the kitchen. I remember seeing him come out to the dining room in his whites, standing in the rear checking the scene. We ordered the 8-course tasting menu. Instead of both receiving the same dish for each course, we were each served a different dish.  We shared everything, thereby ending up enjoying 16 different dishes + one additional dessert. A memorable tour de force!

This soup is easy to put together and, of course, delicious.

At Home:  Curried Cream of Cauliflower and Apple Soup

Veal Balls with Chili-Tomato Sauce is from Craig Claiborne’s Gourmet Diet, by Craig Claiborne with Pierre Franey, published in 1980. Claiborne’s doctors had warned him that his health was at risk if he did not do something about lowering his blood pressure and cholesterol level. This book was the result of his goal to create low-sodium, modified fat, and modified cholesterol recipes that tasted good.

Chili powder and fresh garlic give the veal balls and sauce, served over linguini, a spicy flavor.

At Home:  Veal Balls with Chili-Tomato Sauce


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