March Arrives Like a Snow-Covered Lion

The snow had actually melted off our front lawn and part of the back lawn several days before Snowstorm No. 7 (8 for others) arrived late Sunday and overnight. By Monday morning, it was gone. NJ weather folks admitted to having difficulty determining the exact track of this storm. At one point, they were showing 6 to 10 inches for our area. However, the storm tracked further south with southern NJ getting the brunt. The snow booby prize went to Ventnor City near Atlantic City: 7 inches.

So, we lucked out! One inch — just enough to coat the front lawn so that the grass still peeked through.

2014 Snow Event No. 7 (8)

2014 Snow Event No. 7 (8)

The snow had melted off the patio table. After this latest event, a one-inch “wedding cake.”

2014 Snow Event No. 7 (8)

While the wave of snowstorms has been bad, the real story of this winter is the constant frigid temperatures. The pattern has been a day or so of respite and then right back into the freezer for days! We’ve had cold winters, but I can’t remember one with this kind of sustained sub-freezing cold. Everyone we talk to is totally fed up!

2014 Snow Event No. 7 (8)

2014 Snow Event No. 7 (8)

Usually in March, it isn’t beastly cold. Normal daytime temperatures should be in the mid-40’s. So, even if we do get a big snowstorm — and there have been some doozies in March — the snow quickly melts. Futurecast is showing a warming trend.

2014 Snow Event No. 7 (8)

Here’s hoping it will continue into the weeks ahead. But to be honest, I’m not optimistic.


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