NYT Sunday Puzzle – March 2, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - March 2, 2014

Title: Oscar Double Feature

Theme: The names of two movies – winners for Best Picture and nominees — are combined to make silly phrases.

23A. Nelson Mandela? [1995, 1985] = Braveheart Out of Africa
30A. One giving unreliable testimory? [1976, 1985*] [* = nominee] = Rocky Witness
53A. Reason for missing a flight? [1970*, 2000*] = Airport Traffic
68A. Part of a line at O’Hare? [2000, 1976*] = Chicago Taxi Driver
86A. Cheesy pick-up line? [1944, 1995*] = Going My Way Babe
106A. Reason why all computers are down? [1976*, 2005] = Network Crash
118A. Seaside Outing? [1955*, 1954] = Picnic On the Waterfront

A fitting puzzle since the Academy Awards were presented that evening. (I didn’t watch.) The theme answers were not exactly a strain on the brain. Overall, this was an easy puzzle though there were a few answers that were a puzzlement to me. I got them by filling in the surrounding answers.

27A. Strike the ground in a golf swing. Answer: Baff. I golfed many years ago and should have known this answer. I did not exactly excel at this sport, and had my share of baffs.
104A. V-shaped fortification. Answer: Redan.
128A. Early Apple computers. Answer: Lisas
10D. Daughter in “The Sound of Music.” Answer: Louisa. My first thought was Liesl who is more of a major character.
85D. “No one’s _____ than me” (Eminen lyric). Answer: iller. Though I’ve heard of him, I’m not familiar at all with his music.


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