NYT Sunday Puzzle – March 9, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - March 9, 2014

Title: Nosy Nonsense

For each of the theme answers, two letters with the “z” sound are tacked onto the first word of a familiar phrase resulting in a silly phrase apropos of the clue.

26A. One unsatisfied with a “She loves me, she loves me not” result? = Daisy trader
28A. Picky little dog?= Choosy toy
36D. Barely remembered seaman? = Hazy sailor
44D. Sports score most likely to be on the highlights reel? = Doozy point
52A. Business transactions free from government regulation? = Easy commerce
73A. Carefree dairy product? = Breezy cheese
101A. Optimistic theater audience? = Rosy house
103A. Marvel from Idaho’s largest city? = Boise wonder

I’m shocked that I finished this one! And with no mistakes!! Though I didn’t have too much trouble figuring out the theme, I did have difficulty coming up with several of those answers. And the rest of the puzzle was not exactly a picnic in the park. I filled in answers in several spots on the on the grid that were wrong. Eventually, I figured out what the problems were and corrected them. i.e., lots of erasures.

File these for me under: “You learn something new every day”:

8A. Isolated hill surrounded by lava. Answer: Steptoe
49A. Lake _____ (Australia’s lowest point). Answer: Eyre
80A. Radiohead head Yorke. Answer: Thom
40D. Detective writer Earl _____Biggers. Answer: Derr
90D. One of the Balearic Islands. Answer: Minorca


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