NYT Sunday Puzzle – April 6, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - April 6, 2014

Title: At Times

Theme: Familiar two-word noun phrases. The second word ends in ER thereby describing the actions of certain people (one who does x) with reference to the clues and giving the phrases an alternate funny meaning.

23A. Clumsy pharmacist, at times? = Medicine dropper
28A. Dressage rider, at times? = Colt revolver
47A. Old-fashioned barber, at times? = Foam rubber
54A. Inexperienced shucker, at times? = Oyster cracker
65A. No-limit Texas hold’em player, at times? = All better
74A. Farmer, at times? = Chicken tender
84A. Sleeping sunbather, at times? = Back burner
103A. Dieter, at times? = Snack counter

I never look up things while doing the puzzle. I know some puzzlers do, but I feel that’s cheating. When I’m completely at a loss, I often get things right by filling in the surrounding answers. Here are two such answers I looked up after finishing the puzzle:

71A. Dual-sport athlete Sanders. Answer: Deion. NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer and baseball player. Oy! While I don’t follow football, I am a Yankee fan and should have known this since he played for them. However, that was back in the early 1990’s, and I’m not now the avid fan I was when I was younger.

20A. 1986 girl’s name song by Boston. Answer: Amanda. Never heard of this band or the song.  But no problem.  Everything is on YouTube!


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