NYT Sunday Puzzle – April 13, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - April 13, 2014

Title: It’s Taxing

Apropos of the April 15th tax deadline, the theme answers are common expressions containing words related to tax filings which give the expressions another meaning in line with the clues.

25A. Agreement for an amount to be taken from one’s salary? = Withholding Consent
33A. What C.P.A.’s wish for their clients? = Many happy returns
49A. C.P.A.’s advice for lowering future-year liabilities? = Roll the credits
67A. Chart used to calculate a married couple’s taxes? = Table for two
81A. I.R. S. update? = Schedule change
93A. Last-minute way to reduces tax for a desperate filer? = Emergency shelter
104A. C.P.A.’s masterstroke = Brilliant deduction

Note: My dad was a C.P.A. 🙂


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