Passover 2014 “Seder Express”

Passover 2014 "Seder Express"

On Tuesday, we celebrated the second Seder night of Passover in our apartment with our usual “Seder Express” – our Cliff’s Notes version which touches the highlights of the first half of the Haggadah and gets us quickly to the meal. After the meal, we finished the ritual second half in “express” fashion by singing a few verses from each of the major songs and closed with “The Hatikvah.”

Joining Michael and me were Jen, Louis, my brother and his wife, and Louis’s sister, who was attending her very first Seder. Unfortunately, her husband was unable to be with us. They sent us the gorgeous floral arrangement that graced the center of the table.

Shulchan Oruch (Festival Meal)

Gefilte Fish is the traditional start. I use Mother’s Old Fashioned in a jar.

Passover 2014 "Seder Express"

My “Famous” Chopped Salad is served at all holiday meals.

Passover 2014 "Seder Express"

The main course: Pot Roast, Potatoes cooked in the meat’s gravy, Glazed Carrots, and because they’re in season steamed Asparagus dressed with lemon.

Passover 2014 "Seder Express"

When it comes to dessert, the ranks would revolt if I didn’t make my Cheese Pie with Egg Kichel Crust. (Recipe here.) For Louis, I make a personal-size pie with a gluten-free walnut crust.

Passover 2014 "Seder Express"

Another thing I make every year is Marcy Goldman’s Caramel Chocolate Crunch. (Recipe here.) Other sweets on the table that weren’t homemade: almond macaroons, jell rings, and a gluten-free cookie assortment.

Click here to see the entire set of photos from this dinner on my Flickr.

Wishing everyone a Zeisen Pesach!


One Response to “Passover 2014 “Seder Express””

  1. Eileen Says:

    Looking at your food makes this Irish girl want to be Jewish!


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