NYT Sunday Puzzle – April 27, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - April 27, 2014

Title: Predictable Partings

The theme answers describe how the persons referred to in the clues departed. The jokey descriptions relate to those persons’ professions.

23A. The paparazzi … was gone in a flash.
35A. The demolitionist … blew the joint.
55A. The civil engineer … hit the road.
60A. The lingerie manufacturer … slipped away.
69A. The chicken farmer … flew the coop.
74A. The sound technician … made tracks.
92A. The film director … quit the scene.
108A. The soda jerk … ran lickety split
15D. The ecdysiast … took off.
17D. The percussionist … beat it.
84D. The van driver … moved on.
89D. The paper doll maker … cut out.

Cute theme! Not too difficult to figure out. Overall, a relatively easy puzzle for me.

Quite a few musical clues:

19-Across. ”That Old Black Magic.” Answer: Arlen (Harold)
30-Across. “Santa Baby.” Answer: Kitt (Eartha)
71-Across. “_____ around around around around” (repeated line in Dion and the Belmonts’ “The Wanderer”). Answer: I roam
35-Down. “St John Passion” composer. Answer: Bach (Johann Sebastian)

In the “learn something new every day” category:

80-Across. “The Jungle Book” bear. Answer: Baloo. I’ve never read it.
106-Across. Some hibernators. Answer: Toad. Really?

In the “I sure know this one” category:

54-Down. William who played Hopalong Cassidy. Answer: Boyd. Back in the early days of black & white tee vee, cowboy shows were very popular. I enjoyed watching “Hopalong Cassidy,” “The Lone Ranger,” “The Roy Rogers Show” (with his wife Dale Evans), and “The Cisco Kid.”


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