NYT Sunday Puzzle – June 1, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - June 1, 2014

Title: Aladdin

Theme: The addition of AL to one of the words in the answers changes common descriptions and titles into silly ones commensurate with the clues.

23A. King’s move? = Change of palace
37A. Principles espoused during Women’s History Month? = Ideals of March
46A. Ability to walk a tightrope or swallow a sword? = Circus Talent
66A. Dream for late sleepers? = A Farewell to Alarms
89A. Waterway leading to a SW German city? = Canal of Worms
95A. Slinky going down the stairs? = Spring Falling
118A. Dissertation of people’s inherent spitefulness? = Of Malice and Men

Even though I had pretty much finished the puzzle and had filled in almost all of the theme answers, I remained stumped about the relationship of the title to those answers. What exactly was the trick? The “Aha!” moment finally came when I filled in 118A. The theme had nothing to do with the character Aladdin. Ergo, no mystical theme going on here which was what I had been thinking. Instead, the word should be read as AL-add-in. Too cute!

Some answers in the “I didn’t know that!” category:

22A. One of a group of Eastern Christians. Answer: Uniate. Via answers.com, the traditional name for Eastern or Byzantine rite churches in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

32A. Anoint, archaically. Answer: Anele

51A. Land in the Golden Triangle. Answer: Laos. Of course, I know of Laos, but had not heard of the Golden Triangle. Rex Parker included a map. The other two are Burma and Thailand.

7D. 1966 title role reprised by Jude Law in 2004. Answer: Alfie. I saw the original movie with Michael Caine in the title role. It was the movie that made him a star. I’ve never seen the remake.

99D. Spiral-horned antelope. Answer: Nyala.


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