NYT Sunday Puzzle – June 22, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - June 22, 2014

Title: Dime Store

Theme: A rebus in which the ¢ sign (“C” Across and “I” Down in the same square) occurs ten different times. It’s also the first letter in each string that spells “cent.” Ergo, 10 cents (96-Across) = one dime thereby referring to the puzzle’s title.

23A. 2014, for Doublemint gum = ¢entennial
25A. Mexican president in the early 2000s = Vi¢ente Fox
40A. Middle-of-the-road = ¢entrist
44A. Like mother-of-pearl = Irrides¢ent
66A. Several days ago = Re¢ent past
70A. Bugs that are technically misnamed = ¢enterpedes
93A. Agent’s cut = Per¢entage
96A. Total value of the symbols created by the special crossings in this puzzle = Ten ¢ents
113A. Something square to eat? = De¢ent meal
116A. Defendant’s cry = I’m inno¢ent

Some interesting answers:
1A. Letter-shaped opening in a machine shop = T-slot

20A. River that drains the western Pyrenées = Ebro

50A. White-crested ducks = Smews

55A. Country whose name is an anagram of another country’s capital = Mali (Lima, Peru)

46A. When repeated, White Rabbit’s cry = I’m late (“Alice in Wonderland”)


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