NYT Sunday Puzzle – July 27, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - July 27, 2014

Title: What’s My Line?

Theme: Answers to the theme questions are the “lines”/familiar phrases the persons would say but related to the question in a funny way.

22A. Telephone line = Sorry wrong number
30A. Cruise line = Show me the money
52A. Story line = Once upon a time
77A. Finish line = That’s all folks
101A. Fault line = It’s not you it’s me
111A. Laugh line = Take my wife please
15D. Date line = May I see you again
39D. Power line = Might makes right

This was one of those “I’ll never get it done” puzzles and a real slog for me. With barely anything filled in at the start and even after I figured out what the theme was all about, it took me two days working on and off to complete it. So, plugging away at it and making a couple of last minute corrections paid off.

I kept thinking that 30-Across had something to do with cruising, as in on the sea. It finally dawned on me that the “Cruise” was Tom, the actor. The “line” is from the movie ”Jerry Maguire.” A commenter on Rex Parker’s site pointed out that it was actually Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s line. I checked a YouTube clip which shows that he spoke it – shouted it, actually – and had Cruise repeat it – shout it – several times.

(And, by the way, “Take my wife, please” was made famous by comedian Henny Youngman.)

There were a boatload of “I have no idea” answers that I got only by filling in surrounding answers. Here are some:

18A. European capital, to natives. Answer: Praha. Aka: Prague.

20A. Jimmy _____ “They’ll do it every time” cartoonist. Answer: Hatlo. Never seen this cartoon nor heard of the cartoonist.

21A. “Le Roi d’Ys” composer. Answer: Lalo. An opera I’ve never heard of though I have heard of Lalo.

70A. Car featured in the “Transformers” movies. Answer: Camero. Never seen these movies. The first letter I filled in was the final “o” and that was enough for me to know which car it was.

96A. Hunt in “Mission Impossible.” Answer: Ethan. Character play by Tom Cruise. I’ve never seen any of the movies. I liked the old t.v. series. This character was not in them.

114A. “I Ain’t Marching Anymore” singer/songwriter. Answer: Ochs (Phil). Never heard this song.

24A. Weeper of myth. Answer: Niobe

31D. College in Atherton, Calif. Answer: Menlo.

41D. Baud measurement. Answer: Data flow.

46D. Birthplace of Pres. Polk. Answer: N. Car.


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