NYT Sunday Puzzle – August 3, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - August 3, 2014

Title: Chee Whiz*

Theme: The sound “chee” is at the end of one of the words in the theme answers thereby making familiar phrases silly.

24A. German philosopher with an injury? = Wounded Nietzshe
30A. Guy who’s covered in mud? = Filthy Ritchie
51A. African-American martial art? = Black Tai Chi
64A. Only form that carbohydrates take? = The Lone Starchy State
80A. Unsure answer to “Where were the 2014 Winter Olympics held?”? = I guess Sochi
97A. Actor Stanley’s dinner reservation? = Table for Tucci
107A. Film reviewed by Jughead’s friend? = Archie Rated Movie

*I somehow managed not to notice that my printed hard copy had no title. I only realized it was missing when I checked my finished puzzle with Rex Parker. Based on his comments section, it was only missing in printed hard copies.

I’m giving myself a little proverbial pat on the back for figuring out the theme without knowing the title. Not that it was terribly difficult to figure out. The first theme answer I filled in was 97-Across (Tucci), shortly followed by 107-Across (Archie).

A few other interesting answers:

69A. “Absalom and Achitophel” poet. Answer: Dryden. While I’m familiar with some of Dryden’s works, I don’t know this one.

118A. “Less Than Zero” author. Answer: Ellis (Brett Easton). I’ve heard of him but am not familiar with this novel which (via Wiki) was made into a movie.

47D. Loser to Pierce in 1852. Answer: Scott (Winfield). Scott was the Republican candidate against President Franklin Piece (Democrat) running for a second term.


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