NYT Thursday Puzzle – August 7, 2014

NYT Thursday Puzzle - August 7, 2014

Theme: A Wordplay-Related Quip. What makes this type of puzzle difficult – at least, for me — is that since there are no clues, you have to fill in the surrounding answers to figure out the quip. This quip is split on the grid in 4 parts:

20A. Part 1 of a wordplay-related quip = Is it
21A. Quip, part 2 = just me or
35A. Quip, part 3 = are there other
52A. Quip, part 4 = anagrams
55A. End of quip = of em.

So, a play on words: Is it just me or are there other anagrams of em? Cute!

A few other interesting answers:

15A. Figure on a Utah license plate. Answer: Arch.

56A. Bag lady? Answer: Kate Spade.

60A. Site of one of the world’s most famous onion domes. Answer: Agra. Atop the Taj Mahal.

9D. Radiohead frontman Yorke. Answer: Thom.

21D. _____ Löw, coach of Germany’s 2014 World-cup winning team. Answer: Joachim

45D. Wordsmith who wrote “Last but not least, avoid clichés like the plague.” Answer: Safire (William)


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