NYT Sunday Puzzle – September 7, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - September 7, 2014

Title: All-Encompassing

Theme: A rhebus wherein the 4 points of the compass fill 8 squares of answers that cross each other – N & S down and E & W across. In addition, each of the 4 unchecked squares in the center of the grid is filled with one of those letters according to its compass position.

3D. Kicks everyone out, say = cleaNS house
30A. Nasty storm, e.g. = foul WEather

8D. Big name in auto racing = uNSser
17A. “No lie!” = I sWEar

13D. Cousin of zucchini = acorN Squash
33A. Film director who said, “I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time.” = Orson WElles

50D. Karate instructor = seNSei
63A. Fan of pop’s One Direction, perhaps = tWEen

57D. Stretching muscle = tensor
64A. Veered off course = yawed

66D. Dodo’s lack = commoN Sense
98A. Southern farm concern = Boll Weevils

73D. 1960’s sci-fi series = Lost iN Space
100A. “No need to worry” = don’t sWEat it

Unchecked Squares:
47A. _____child (playful side) = inNer
80A. Atomic clock part = maSer
53D. Small flycatcher = peWee
55D. “_____ Satanic Magesties Request” (Rolling Stones album) = thEir


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