NYT Sunday Puzzle – September 28, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - September 28, 2014

Title: Four by Four

Theme: Four-word answers with each word having four letters. Easy!

23A. 1975 Tony-nominated play about an extended affair = Same Time Next Year
46A. The Crossroads of the West = Salt Lake City Utah
92A. Warm way to welcome someone = With arms wide open
119A. Common slogan for a music radio station = Less talk more rock
16D. “Don’t be ashamed” = Hold your head high
36D. Reagan’s challenge to Gorbachev = Tear down this wall

A few interesting people answers:

35A. Chief justice during the Civil War. Answer: Taney (Roger)

57A. _____Watts, English hymnist who wrote “Joy to the World.” Answer: Isaac

77A. Writer painted by Valasquez. Answer: Aesop

125A. “CSI: Miami” actress. Answer: Eva La Rue

41D. Earliest-born member of the Carton Hall of Fame. Answer: Nast (Thomas)


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