NYT Thursday Puzzle – October 2, 2014

NYT Thursday Puzzle - October 2, 2014

Theme: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

19-Across: 20th-century figure with a famous 56-Across represented literally six times in this puzzle. Answer to 19-Across = Einstein. Answer to 56-Across = Equation.

26-Down: Subject explored by 19-Across. Answer: Relativity.

9-Down: Recognition received by 19-Across. Answer: Nobel Prize

The equation for his theory, E = mc², is represented visually with a rebus: the E and the MC inside a single “square.” All the rebuses are located in squares in the six answers related to the theme. Also, those six squares are the only ones in the entire grid with the letter “E.”

While getting the theme was easy, figuring out the rebus was a real challenge. A very clever puzzle!


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