NYT Sunday Puzzle – October 12, 2014

NYT Sunday Puzzle - October 12, 2014

Title: Inner Workings

Theme: Common phrases with the pattern _____ in a _____ are presented literally.

23A. Leading indicator = Coal Canary Mine
31A. Misfit = Round Square Peg Hole
49A. One who’s enthralled, metaphorically = Candy Kid Store
66A. Never = Million Not Years
84A. Much ado about nothing = Tea Tempest Pot
97A. Deteriorate rapidly = Hand Go To Hell Basket
112A. It’s hard to find = Hay Needle Stack

In the “I learn something new every day” category:

19-Down: Atmospheric probe. Answer: Sonde

58-Across: First steamship with a planned circumnavigation of the globe. Answer: Argo

69-Down: Gun brand not endorsed by the 111-Down (NRA). Answer: Nerf


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