NYT Thursday Puzzle – December 4, 2014

NYT Thursday Puzzle - December 4, 2014

The theme can be found via 7- Across: Game with its own dictionary = Scrabble + 63-Across: What the three possible answers to each of 26-, 36-, and 44-Across are, leading to 27 possible solutions to this puzzle = Anagrams. The clues to the theme answers are like Scrabble racks with 7 letters in mixed order. Each theme answer has three possible solutions all anagrams of each other.

26A. Play in 7-Across with the rack DEIORRW. My fill: Worried. Other anagrams: Wordier or Rowdier.
36A. Play in 7-Across with the rack DDEEIRS. My fill: Derides. Other anagrams: Resided or Desired.
44A. Play in 7-Across with the rack ADEGNRS. My fill: Ganders. Other anagrams: Gardens or Dangers.

This seemed easy for a Thursday puzzle — at least, to me. I got the theme immediately, and it didn’t take me too long to finish.

A few people answers:

29-Across: Singer on Canada’s Walk of Fame since 2005. Answer: Anka (Paul)

31-Across: One with all the answers? Answer: Siri (the iPhone know-it-all)

56-Across: Governor who said, “I don’t think there’s anybody in America who would necessarily think my personality is best suited to being number two.” Answer: Christie (Chris)

49-Down: “You can observe a lot by watching” speaker. Answer: Berra (Yogi)


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