NYT Thursday Puzzle – December 11, 2014

NYT Thursday Puzzle - December 11, 2014

Theme: Common expressions which include the word “through.” That word is eliminated but is indicated by means of the first word of the expression crossing – in essence “going through” – the rest of the words in the expression.

29-Across (8-Down). Eludes a person’s grasp = Slip (through) one’s fingers
36-Across (3-Down). Has an ad that stands out = Cuts (through) the clutter
52-Across (25-Down). Succeeds when it most matters = Pulls (through) in the clutch*
54-Across (30-Down). Making a feeble effort = Going (through) the motions

(*This answer seems a bit off since I think the usual expression is “comes” through in the clutch not “pulls.”)

A few interesting answers:

4-Across. Part of GTO. Answer: Gran. The GTO was a Pontiac Tempest coupe first appeared in 1964. The letters stand for the Italian Gran Turismo Omologato. My first brand new car was the 1964 Pontiac Tempest but not the GTO.

46-Across. Biochemical sugar. Answer: Ribose.

61-Across. Brand name in immunity boosting. Answer: Ester-C.


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