NYT Sunday Puzzle – January 25, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - January 25, 2017

Title: Twist Ending

Theme: The last two letters of common expressions are reversed thereby changing the expressions into silly ones.

23A. “Those wreaths all look the same to me!”? = I cannot tell a lei.
39A. Start of an oral listing of African nations, perhaps? = You’ve got Mali.
53A. Showing less cleavage? = Raising the bra.
84A. Cheap roadside assistance? = A quarter to tow.
99A. Knockoff dress labeled “Armani,” say? = Illegal a-line.
116A. Caution to an orphan girl not to leave her wildebeest behind? = Annie get your gnu.
3D. Group of actors who all have stage fright? = Scaredy cast.
70D. Lovely but stupid person? = Obtuse angel.

I figured out the theme quite easily. Two of the clues seem a bit problematical. Raising a bra (53-Across) usually shows more cleavage than less. And instead of “Armani” (99-Across) it should have been Dior because he created the a-line skirt.

A few interesting answers:

8D. French sister. Answer: soeur. Having studied French, I know the word but for some reason spelling it correctly always gives me trouble, i.e., the exact line-up of the vowels.

71D. U.S. city whose name becomes another city’s name if you change both its vowels to A’s. Answer: Tempe (AZ). The other city, of course, is Tampa (FL). Love this clue!

82A. “Whirlybird” source. Answer: Maple tree. This is something I’m too familiar with. We have maple trees and each spring our backyard lawn, beds, and patio become littered with what we call “helicopters” falling from those trees.

96D. Did a 1930’s dance. Answer: Lindied. It was popular in the 1940’s and 50’s. I learned to Lindy as a teenager in the 50’s.


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