NYT Sunday Puzzle – February 1, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - February 8, 2015

Title: This n’ That

Theme: The word “and” linking two words in common expressions is changed to the “n” sound resulting in a silly phrase based on the clue.

23A. Content of a demand to attend? = Summon substance
32A. Freaky funeral noise? = Coffin wheeze
49A. Dive from a fire-breathing creature? = Dragon drop
71A. Venti, vingt, or zwanzig? = Foreign twenty
93A. Woe for a sunburned sea monster = Kraken peel
110A. Intel products used at a nuclear facility = Fission chips
119A. Overseeing a work crew, e.g.? = Foreman function

Lots of movie-related clues:

44-Across: “Castaways” director. Answer: Roeg (Nicolas)
61-Across: “The Bridge on the River Kwai” director. Answer: David Lean
116-Across: “Argo” setting. Answer: Iran
18-Down: “Life of Pi” director. Answer: Ang Lee
31-Down: Woodard of “Primal Fear.” Answer: Alfre
34-Down: Fay of “King Kong.” Answer: Wray.


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