NYT Sunday Puzzle – February 15, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - February 15, 2015

Title: Split Ends

Theme: Two-part common expressions with OR in the middle: _____or _____. In completing the answers, the first part of the phrase is Across, the OR is understood, and the second part of the phrase starts at the beginning of the first part and is completed by hooking Down where the clue is a dash.

1-Across (2-Down): “Everyone who’s anyone is attending!” = Be there (or) be square
8-Across (9-Down): Shoot for the moon = Go big (or) go home
13-Across (15-Down): Much-anthologized Frank R. Stockton short story = The Lady (or) the Tiger
54-Across (57-Down): Proverbial matter of perspective = Half full (or) half empty
60-Across (61-Down): Question asked in classic 1970s ads = Is it live (or) is it Memorex
79-Across (80-Down): Stickup line = Your money (or) your life
115-Across (118-Down): Song by the Clash on Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list = Should I Stay (or) Should I Go

I got the theme quite easily. What gave it away for me was “The Lady or the Tiger” because it was always on the curriculum when I taught high school English. It did take me a while to complete the 70s commercial. I knew that Ella Fitzgerald had starred in it, her voice on tape shattering a glass. But for some reason, I had trouble remembering that the tape was Memorex.

As for the “Your money of your life!” expression, I immediately thought of the hilarious short skit on the old Jack Benny t.v. show.  Jack had the persona on the show of a notorious skinflint. In that skit, he’s approached by a stickup guy.  Too bad there no videos on YouTube because Benny’s timing and facial expressions were priceless. But here’s a recording:


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