NYT Thursday Puzzle – March 5, 2015

NYT Thursday Puzzle - March 5, 2015

The theme is found at 38-Across: Lagging … or a hint to 17-, 19-, 56- and 61-Across. The tail ends of the answers lag behind by going Down, and those down words are synonyms for “behind.”

17-Across. Who said about himself “Women find his power almost as much of a turn-on as his money”/18-Down. _____ session (meeting after a legislative dissolution). Answer: Donald T(rump)

19-Across. Record of infantile behavior/20-Down. No-good. Answer: Baby al(bum)

56-Across. Part of a story you might not want to know/60-Down. Follow. Answer: Gory de(tail)

61-Across. Hating baseball and apple pie/63-Down. Fire. Answer: UnAmeri(can)

For a Thursday puzzle, I didn’t find this one particularly difficult. However, I entirely missed the “behind” puns and found out about them when I checked with Rex Parker. Clever!


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