In Like a Lion…

It’s too early to know if February will turn out to be the cruelest month of 2015. Regardless, there’s no denying that the unending sub-zero and single digit temperatures were horrible! Adding to the misery were several snowstorms and dangerous icy conditions. A day of respite here and there (you know things are really bad when you’re thrilled to see temperatures in the mid-30’s!), but it never warmed up enough to allow the snow to dissipate.

Hopes that March would not adhere to the proverbial “In like a lion…” were immediately dashed the first week by the continuation of frigid temps and yet another snowstorm all day last Thursday.

Yes, pretty to look at.

March 2015 Snowstorm

But enough is enough! We got about 7 inches on top of snow that had turned to rock-hard ice.

March 2015 Snowstorm

Late in the afternoon, Todd – always dependable! — came by to plow us out.

March 2015 Snowstorm

Temperatures were still Arctic-like on Friday.

March 2015 Snowstorm

But did you notice the slight warming trend?  And there was an even better forecast temperature-wise for the week ahead.

March 2015 Snowstorm

Indeed, yesterday and today, when I went out to do some errands, the outside temperature on my car’s thermometer read 50! What a thrill not having to bundle up like Nanook of the North!

It would be great if this continues and the rest of March is like the “lamb” half of the proverb.


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