NYT Thursday Puzzle – March 12, 2015

NYT Thursday Puzzle - March 12, 2015

The theme is found at 54-Across: Warning before a detonation … and a hint to 16 of this puzzle’s answers. Answer: [Fire] in the hole. The 16 answers (which include 54-Across) are missing the word “Fire.” The “holes” are the 2×2 black squares adjacent to each answer.

9D. Metaphor for quick-spreading success = Wild fire
10D. British W.W. II plane = Spitfire
24A. Risks disaster = Plays with fire
26A. Illegal place to park = Fire lane
28A. Rat-a-tat-tat = Gun fire
29A. Stinging insects = Fire ants
31D. Failure = Misfire
32D. Feature of a big outdoor party = Bonfire
34D. Like a hearth = Fire lit
35D. Emergency tool for breaking down doors = Fire axe
47A. Start shooting = Open fire
50A. Many a calendar beefcake = Fireman
53A. Impossible to fail = Surefire
58D. Chapter 11 event, maybe = Fire sale
59D. Building safety feature = Fire exit

Pretty easy for a Thursday puzzle and fun to complete.


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