NYT Thursday Puzzle – April 30, 2015

NYT Thursday Puzzle - April 30, 2015

Each theme answers contains the name of a famous person (but in one case, part of a place name) + another word with the sound of “air.” The two words together form a phrase that’s wacky as related to the clue.

19A. Naked “Parks and Recreation” star? = Poehler bare (polar bear)
61A. Event at Walden Pond? = Thoreau fair (thoroughfare)
12D. Clothing from an Oscar-winning singer? = Cher wear (shareware)
20D. Offspring of Beauty? = Belle heir (Bel Air)
39D. The Galloping Gourmet in Germany? = Herr Kerr (hair care)

Because I got 39D. right away – I used to watch “The Galloping Gourmet” show and so knew his name, Graham Kerr – and then right after filled in 12D., I thought the two words in the theme answers had to rhyme. So, I had Thoreau “show” until after I got “Belle heir,” when it became apparent that the other word had to have the “air” sound, at which point, I changed “show” to “fair.” Also, I’ve never watched “Parks and Recreation”; therefore, I had no clue who that star was until I filled in enough letters in the down answers to get (Amy) Poehler, whom I have heard of.

One of the commenters on Rex Parker’s site pointed out how complicated this puzzle was to construct. I agree, so kudos to the constructor, Herre Schouwerwou. As I’ve noted, it was a challenge to figure everything out and then complete the puzzle without any errors. So, kudos to me for that!


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