NYT Thursday Puzzle – May 7, 2015

NYT Thursday Puzzle - May 7, 2015

A rebus puzzle. 59-Across: Reducing one’s carbon footprint … or a hint to this puzzle’s theme. Answer: Going green. ECO, the three letters that start the word “ecology,” are together in 7 squares on the grid.

1D./19A. Safeco/Second Nature
9D./23A. Wilee Coyote/Deuce Coupe
32D./52A. Pentecostal/Dade County
33D./39A. Pecos/Ice cold
37D./51A. Zydeco/Greco
52D./58A. Decorum/Ecoles
57D./66A. Precook/Records

It took me a while to realize this was a rebus and more time to figure out what letters were involved. The “Aha!” moment came when I got the answer to 33-Down: River to the Rio Grande. I didn’t know the river’s name straightaway. But once I had the first and last letters (P and S) with only one square in-between, it hit me that the answer was “Pecos.” Ergo, ECO.

Quite a few across fell into the “I didn’t know that” category:

1A.: Rishi, in Hinduism. Answer: Sage

13A.: _____ Perelman, prolific Russian science writer. Answer: Yakov.

34A.: Ruy _____ (chess opening). Answer: Lodez.

69A.: Wind-related. Answer: Eolic.

70A.: European blackbird. Answer: Merl.

72A.: “I Wish” rapper _____-Lo. Answer: Skee.


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