NYT Sunday Puzzle – May 17, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - May 17, 2015

Title: To-Do List (Abridged)

Theme: To-do lists with three tasks. The last word of the first task is a noun. It becomes a verb that starts (overlaps) the beginning of the next task, and the same thing happens between the second and third tasks.

23A. Set time/Go to theater/Engage in tomfoolery = Wind watch a play a prank
33A. Hitchhike/Surf/Show patriotism = Thumb a ride a wave a flag
54A. Somersault/Start football game/Invent some language = Do a flip a coin a phrase
75A. Not stop at intersection/Warm up/Use rifle = Run a light the fire a shot
89A. Play baseball/Take public transportation/Clean up after diners = Make a catch a bus a table
108A. Finish taxes/Visit library/Plan vacation = File a return a book a trip

Hurray! Finally, another perfectly completed Sunday puzzle! The last was on February 15th, so a very long stretch without one. I’ve actually finished ten Sunday puzzles since then. However, six had one error (really annoying!), two had two errors, and one had four (Oy!).

This was an easy puzzle for a Sunday. The title made the theme obvious. The trick was the overlapping part. Once I figured that out, filling in the lists was pretty much a cinch — except for 108A. I had the rest of the grid filled in except for the lower right hand corner because I had a bit of trouble coming up with the correct third task for 108A. I thought it could be “[book] an inn” or “[book] a room.” But they wouldn’t work. Then, the “Aha!” moment. Once I filled in “a trip,” I was able to swiftly complete everything else in that section.


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