NYT Thursday Puzzle – May 21, 2015

NYT Thusday Puzzle - May 21, 2015

The theme is found at 52-Across: Elevated expectations … of what this puzzle’s maker did to five answers in this puzzle? Answer: Raised the bar. The letters BAR start the answer of that line’s clue and are the beginning of the answer to the clue in the line directly below. Ergo, BAR has been “raised.”

17A. BARge (It gets a tow)
20A. REL of monkeys (Metaphor for fun)

10A. BARk (Communicate like a drill sergeant)
16A. OQUE (Scarlotti style)

31A. BARe (Unpainted, say)
36A. RIER reef (Shoreline protector)

38A. BARo (Prefix with –meter)
42A. T SIMPSON (Perpetural 10-year-old of TV)

60A. BARnstorm (Campaign from town to town)
64A. BIES (Line of Mattel dolls)

It didn’t take me long to figure out the theme (the first one I got was the Barbie doll) and to complete the puzzle (about an hour). I’ve actually been doing very well on Thursdays. Either I’m getting smarter or they’re less difficult. More than likely, it’s the latter.


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