NYT Sunday Puzzle – May 31, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - May 31, 2015

Title: Making Projections

Theme: For the nine theme answers either the first or last letter cannot fit in the allotted squares. That letter is “projected” outside the grid either above or below the answer.

This note accompanied the puzzle: “When the puzzle is completed, an apt phrase can be found by starting at the top central letter and reading clockwise.”

Answers listed in that order:
9D. Seafood soup base = [S]hark fin
12D. Attraction that operates under its own steam = [O]ld Faithful
15D. Catcher of some waves = [R]adio antenna
59D. Words below an orange on a license plate = Sunshine Stat[E]
72D. Hematophagous creature = Vampire ba[T]
67D. Mariana, e.g. = Ocean trenc[H]
62D. It might contain a list of postal abbreviations = Drop down men[U]
4D. Peak that’s known as “The Great One” = [M]ount McKinley
6D. Crisp bit in a stir-fry = [B]ean sprout

Phrase: Sore thumb

This is a puzzle where it paid for me to plug away at it. When I started, I was having trouble just filling anything in. I knew the answer to 59-Down, but all the letters wouldn’t fit. I thought it might be a rebus, i.e., two letters occupying one square. However, as I filled in answers around it, that wasn’t going to work. I continued to work away at filling in various areas of the grid. I can’t remember which of the other theme answers finally gave me the “Aha!” moment, but once that happened, the others fell into place.

In the category of “you learn something new every day”:

63-Across. Temperature units. Answer: Kelvins

66-Across. Gets harsher. Answer: Hoarsens. Of course, I know the word “hoarse” but “hoarsens” is a new vocabulary word for me.


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