NYT Sunday Puzzle – June 28, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - June 28, 2015

Title: Getting in the Final Word

Theme: This one’s a bit complicated to explain. Answers are familiar phrases containing the word “in,” but “in” is not written out. The first part of the phrase crosses the last part which is a single word.  Ergo, the first part is “in” the second part. Also, one letter in the final word needs to be mentally dropped to make it the correct word for completing the phrase.

3D. With 18-Across, “To be on the safe side…”/18A. Gay rights, e.g. = Just/Cause = Just in case

16D. With 21-Across, remembering/21A. Like some enemy waters in wartime = Keeping/Mined = Keeping in mind

30A. With 13-Down, shorthand pact for a wild trip/13D. Unlikely butchers = What happens/Vegans = What happens in Vegas

52A. With 49-Down, 1995 Oscar-nominated Pixar theme song/49D. Good name for a lawn care guy = You’ve Got a Friend/Moe = You’ve Got a Friend in Me

80A. With 58-Down, request for an official document/58D. Twisting = Could you put that/Writhing = Can you put that in writing?

101A. With 90-Down, reacting to a gut punch, perhaps/90D. Bristol, for one = Doubled over/Palin = Doubled over in pain

87D. With 104-Across, talking with a fake rasp, perhaps/104A. Cleverly crafted = Calling/Slick = Calling in sick

109D. With 125-Across, got the booby prize/125A. Tiniest thing = Came/Least = Came in last

It’s definitely been a dry spell — a whole month, actually — since I last posted a puzzle. So. it was nice to finish this one error-free. Clever and entertaining.


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