NYT Sunday Puzzle – August 2, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - August 2, 2015
Title: Literally Speaking

Theme: The letters in the circled squares follows the directions given by the full answer.

(Note: The letters in bold are in the circled squares.)
20A. Result of a successful audition = Callback
25A. Instant = Split second
37A. In bits = Torn to shreds
46A. Kind of pie = Mincemeat
54A. Lose that loving feeling = Drift apart
62A. Diner offering = Scrambled eggs
72A. Art type = Mixed media
83A. # # # = Hash marks
90A. Like 0’s and 1’s in binary numbers = Intermingled
105A. Card sharp’s deception = Fast shuffle
112A. Whole – Unbroken

Sunday puzzles become available on-line at 6 p.m. on Saturday. I print them out and use a pencil. (Yeah, when it comes to doing puzzles, I prefer the old-fashioned way.) I started working on this one just after 6 yesterday, continued off and on until I took a break to prepare dinner, came back to it, plugged away, and finished before midnight. I did struggle a bit with a few of the theme answers and others. But overall, this was a fairly easy puzzle.

Some answers I didn’t know or didn’t remember:

18A. Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Answer: Aruba.

19A. Grammy-nominated song by Alanis Morissette. Answer: Thanku.

30A. “Fifty Shades of Grey” woman. Answer: Ana

31A. Boat on “Jaws.” Answer: Orca.

110 A. “Red” Holy Roman emperor. Answer: Otto II.

113A. “Taken” star. Answer: Neeson (Liam). .

32D. Foe in “Rocky.” Answer: Creed (Apollo).

64D. Adorn, in old literature. Answer: Dight.

72D. Country once known as French Sudan. Answer: Mali.


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