NYT Sunday Puzzle – August 16, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - August 16, 2015

Title: As It Were

Theme: Found at 124-Across: Back then … or a hint to the ends of the answers to the starred clues. Answer: In the past. The last word in each of the theme answers is the past tense of that word.

22A. *Pricey wrap = Mink stole
23A. *Triple Crown winner who himself sired a Kentucky Derby winner = Seattle Slew
51A. *Carpenter’s tool with a cord = Power saw
94A. *Deep Throat’s identity – Mark Felt
122A. *Start a construction project = Break ground
13D. *Smidgeon = Little bit
36D. *Tom Seaver = New York Met
45D. *Dr. Seuss’ genre = Kiddie lit
48D. *Challenge for a right-handed golfer = Dogleg left
83D. *W.W.II propagandist = Tokyo Rose

I didn’t “get” the theme and had to go to Rex Parker for the explanation. Still, I was able to fill in just about all of it in about an hour-and-a-half last evening (Saturday). This morning, I realized I needed to correct a couple of errors that were keeping me from filling in the remaining answers correctly. Ergo, another perfect puzzled!

In the category of “I learn something new every day”:

14A. Island near the Mariana Trench. Answer: Guam
82A. _____Hall, shortest Harlem Globetrotter. Answer: Too Tall
16D. Luxury Hyundai. Answer: Azera.
30D. Wielder of the hammer Mjolnir. Answer: Thor.
95D. Danish king who conquered England. Answer: Knut.
125D. Oscar-nominated Joaquin Phoenix film. Answer: Her


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