NYT Sunday Puzzle – October 11, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - October 11, 2015

Title: For Variety’s Sake

Theme: A 40th anniversary tribute to Saturday Night Live. The circles in eight answers spell out the last names of former cast members (years on the show in parentheses). Two answers are the full names of two very frequent guest hosts. Two answers together are the show’s famous opening line.

56A. TV show since 10/11/75, eight of whose former stars appear in the circled squares in this puzzle = SNL

23A. Tents and the like (2001-08) = Portable shelters — (Amy) Pohler
37A. 1964 Charlie Chaplin book (1980-84) = My Autobiography — (Eddie) Murphy
58A. Show-off (1975-80) = Grandstanding — (Gilda) Radner
68A. Muff, e.g. (2005-13) = Hand warmer – (Bill) Hader
71A. Dessert often topped with cream cheese (1990-93) = Carrot cake – (Chris) Rock
81A. Berlin standard (1990-96) = Easter Parade – (David) Spade
4D. One way to get home (200-06) = Safely – (Tina) Fey
108D. Dining partner? (2005-12) = Wining – (Kristen) Wiig

3D. 15-time guest host of 56-Across = Steve Martin
73D. 16-time guest host of 56-Across = Alec Baldwin

102A.. With 120-Across, intro heard every week on 56-Across = Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night

It’s been years since I watched SNL. Even then, I didn’t do so often. And when I did, it was to see the introductory skit. The rest of the show bored me. The only star included here I’m not familiar with is Kristen Wiig.

I think the clue for 71-Across is not right. We spread cream cheese on a bagel. On carrot cake, it’s cream cheese icing.

In the category of “I learn something new every day”:
57-Down. Subsidiary proposition. Answer: Lemme. The OED gives these definitions: 1. a subsidiary or intermediate theorem in an argument or proof. 2. a heading indicating the subject or argument of a literary composition, an annotation, or a dictionary entry.


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