NYT Thursday Puzzle – October 29, 2015

NYT Thursday Puzzle - October 29, 2015

Theme: Two word answers with the final letter of the first word being the first letter of the second word. That letter appears twice in the same circled square. 66-Across has the clue to the circles. They spell out LION.

17A. Party-going and such = Socia(l l)ife
24A. One whose work is going downhill = Sk(I i)nstructor
41A. Second chance = D(o o)ver
53A. Campbell’s variety = Chicke(n n)oodle
66A. Almost all … and a hint to the five circled letters = Lion (s s)hare

This was easier than I first thought it would be especially for a Thursday.

Lots of interesting fills:
44-Across. 1881 novel “for children and those who love children.” Answer: Heidi
32-Across. Locale for snow leopards. Answer: Nepal
46-Across. “Cars” producer. Answer: Pixar
58-Across. Director Bresson. Answer: Luc
72-Across. Addie’s husband in “As I Lay Dying.” Answer: Anse
8-Down: Friedrich _____, first president of the German Republic. Answer: Ebert
9-Down: Source of the line “There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Answer: Dr. Seuss
18-Down: Hollywood’s Alan and Adam. Answer: Arkin


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