NYT Sunday Puzzle – November 15, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - November 15, 2015

Title: Having Aspirations

Theme: Common phrases in which one of the words begins with “Wh.” The spelling is changed to reflect the clue which changes word’s meaning, thereby turning the phrase into a silly one.

23A. “So You Think You Can Dance,” say? = The Whirled Series
41A. Roller coaster shout from Queen Elizabeth? = The royal whee
68A. “Did you mean Doom or Doolittle?”? = Which doctor
89A. Mob Boss Hall of Fame? = Whacks Museum
113A. Making a complaint at a restaurant? = Whining and dining
17D. “That milky liquid belongs to me!”? = Get out of my whey
48D. One in line to rule the ocean? = Prince of Whales

I didn’t find this puzzle particularly difficult. After figuring out the trick fairly early, I worked on the puzzle in fits and starts over a few hours. I had everything filled but when looking it over, I decided to change 118-Across from “outpace” to “outrace.” A good decision since the correct answer to 111-Down is “inri” not “inpi.”

In the category of “You learn something new every day”:

19-Down. Baseball or Supreme Court lineups. Answer: enneads. It means a set of nine.

80-Across. One-_____ (old ball game). Answer: o’cat.

104-Down. Mathematician who was the subject of the book “The Man Who Loved Only Numbers.” Answer: Erdos (Paul).


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