NYT Sunday Puzzle – December 6, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - December 6, 2015

Title: With Drawl

Theme: Answers are common expressions with extra syllables added to simulate the sound of a Southern drawl. Doing this makes the expressions silly in line with the clues.

24A. How you might classify a blade, a gas tank cap or a starter handle? = Just one mower thing (more)
27A. Reason to stay only at Hiltons or Marriotts? = Fear of Hyatts (heights)
45A. Mob that disturbs the peace in new and interesting ways? = Creative rioters (writers)
61A. Attractive blacksmith at a stable? = Pretty shoer (sure)
75A. Municipal leadeers who work the late shift? = Night mayors (Nightmares)
91A. Troy, in the “Iliad”? = Priam real estate (Prime)
109A. Smallest possible dose? = Bayer minimum (Bare)
113A. Normandy’s coat of arms, basically? = Double yellow lions (lines)

This was one of those puzzles that started out looking hopeless. Even though I got the theme immediately, I had trouble filling anything in. When I fell asleep, there was a smattering of filled in answers scattered all over the board and no hint yet of what the theme answers might be. When I woke up, miraculously, I was able to make excellent progress filling in whole sections. The first theme answer I got was 109A. In a little over an hour, I finished. I was pretty sure everything was correct. Checking Rex Parker confirmed that. The mystery of how the brain works continues to amaze me!

In the category of “ I learn something new every day”:

29-Across. “Frozen” reindeer’s name. Answer: Sven
4-Down. Front-wheel-drive coupling, for short. Answer: C.V. Joint
56-Down. Missouri’s original capital. Answer: St. Charles
79-Across. Director of “Carlito’s Way,” 1993. Answer: DePalma (Brian)
83-Across. Songwriter Novello. Answer: Ivor
100-Down. Renaissance painter Uccello. Answer: Paolo
116-Across. Punk subgenre. Answer: Emo


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