NYT Sunday Puzzle – December 13, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - December 13, 2015

Title: Bands Together

Theme: Answers are phrases made up of the names of two bands.

22A. Elevated sight in the Windy City = Chicago Train
36A. All the cars going the same way = One Direction Traffic
55A. “Absolutely” = Yes No Doubt
62A. They’re seen spread on the back of a quarter = Eagles Wings
72A. Kind of pie or doughnut = Boston Cream
78A. Like child-safe cleaning products = Poison Free
95A. Lark for a Halloween hooligan = Fun Smashing Pumpkins
117A. What many Black Friday shoppers do at midnight = Rush The Doors

The fact that I managed to finish this puzzle – and did so error-free – is actually amazing considering that I’ve never heard of some of these bands. These are the ones I have heard of: Chicago, Eagles (the correct name is The Eagles), Wings (Paul McCartney’s band), Smashing Pumpkins, and The Doors.

Other answers that fall into the “I didn’t know that” category:

17-Down. Peacock eyes. Answer: ocelli

53-Down. Actress Kurylenko of “Quantum of Solace.” Answer: Olga. Haven’t seen this movie.

58-Across. “The King of Queens” co-star Remini. Answer: Leah. Don’t watch this sit-com.

67-Down. Who said, “Aristotle is my friend – but my greatest friend is truth.” Answer: Isaac Newton

92-Down. Candy Crush Saga. Answer: APP. Never heard of this, so how would I know it has an APP?

110-Across. Land on the Red Sea. Answer: Eritrea.


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