NYT Sunday Puzzle – December 27, 2015

NYT Sunday Puzzle - December 27, 2015

Title: Binary Code

Theme: Each of the clues has the same double letters. The answers are common phrases literally describing the letters.

23-Across PP = Shopping center (PP in center of shopping)
36-Across DD = Dead ends (D’s on each of dead)
46-Across AA = NCAA Finals
64-Across WW = Window frame
82-Across OO = Onion rings
95-Across ZZ = Jazz duet
110-Across NN = Minnesota Twins
15-Down RR = Married couple
52-Down FF = Leadoff double

Once again, despite finishing the puzzle error-free and not having to spend a lot of time working on it, I had to check Rex Parker in order to understand the theme. And I’m still scratching my head about 33-Across: Court, for short = Rhyme?

This is the final Sunday Puzzle of 2015. Here are the statistics:
18 Perfect (23 last year)
13 Finished with 1 error (14)
5 Finished with 2 errors (3)
7 Finished with 3 errors or more (2)
9 Various stages of incomplete (10)

The final Thursday puzzle of 2015 will be on New Year’s Eve.


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